Clinton VanSciver



Clinton VanSciver spent his childhood writing and creating his own rock arrangements, aspiring to one day make it his profession. When his high school band broke up, Clinton, refusing to let his dream die, started writing and performing all the instrumental and vocals parts of his compositions. After receiving a cheap 8-track recorder and electronic drum kit for Christmas, Clinton began his journey toward holistic musical invention. Little did he know that this very approach would ultimately serve as the foundation for his career in music production.

While fulfilling his minor requirement in Popular Music Studies at USC, Clinton discovered that his true aptitude was in songwriting. Meanwhile, several of Clinton’s friends began exposing him to electronic dance music. Clinton was quickly captivated by the gritty and melodic sounds of the genre and subsequently began attending live performances. As his interest and passion for electronic music grew, Clinton had a creative revelation: by combining his talents in songwriting and instrumentation he had formed the perfect recipe to emerge as a prominent and unique artist in the world of electronic dance music.

Today, Clinton draws his inspiration from decades of pop music, favoring a punchy electronic edge. His trademark style, Dirty Pop, has been lauded by bloggers and big names alike as a unique flavor of dance music, and the Beatport charts have agreed as well. They say his music sounds like “Vyvanse & Whiskey,” so Clinton started a biweekly iTunes podcast under that name; it’s proven quite successful. The new generation of dance music is here, and Clinton has proven himself to be a part of it.

After a successful release of an official remix of DJ Mag’s #1 DJ, Armin van Buuren, an official Steve Aoki remix featured on Phat Brahms (released by Dim Mak Records), a hit radio remix of Emma Hewitt’s “Crucify,” and a handful of releases that have charted on Beatport, there is no doubt Clinton VanSciver’s talent has rapidly gained him recognition in the electronic dance music scene.

Clinton VanSciver has recently signed with Dim Mak Records for an EP (to be released this summer), along with a single deal with Transmission in Europe, and recently signed with The Windish Agency’s Steve Goodgold for booking. With the endorsement of some of the largest tastemakers in the industry, Clinton VanSciver is poised for success.